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OUR PHILOSOPHY ​Our vision is to have all Canadian's at all ages and stages experiencing a better quality of life.  The Better Together as ONE philosophy is the foundation of our educational platform for practitioners and workplace wellness programs.   Through the education of innovative integrative practices, we are breaking down the silos that currently exist in our healthcare system and uniting conventional and complementary healthcare professionals to create an evolved model for healthcare that empowers practitioners and provides better patient outcomes for optimal healthy living!

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WOW NEW MEDIA was the brain child of Margaret Wallis-Duffy. When Margaret started back in April of 1992 as a single RMT practitioner, she had a much bigger vision. Her goal was to create an integrative wellness clinic, in Brampton, that would provide holistic health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial) treatments for people of all ages and through all stages of their lives. The Wallis for Wellness clinic grew to become one of the most well-respected multidisciplinary wellness clinics in Ontario.

Her innovative thinking and her passion to educate, empower and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle led her to go beyond the clinic. As one of Canada’s leading wellness experts, media outlets across Canada often call upon her expertise. You may recognize Margaret from television shows such as Cityline, Breakfast Television, Health Matters on Rogers, Better Canadian Living TV on CTV and The Food Network, just to name a few.